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Alive, awake, free... most likely delusional!

The Story

Once upon a time there was a mountain girl and an ocean boy. The girl spent her days climbing trees, cresting mountains and collecting rocks. The boy spent his days swimming, fishing and collecting tastes and smells… and teaching himself the art of fermentation.

The mountain girl grew into a woman and began a career in geology where she could crest mountains and collect rocks. The ocean boy grew into a sommelier and a garagiste winemaker where he could collect tastes and smells. But on one fateful day, in a Wine Bar in Monterey, the two did meet…


Every good winemaker knows that great wines begin in the vineyard. Being stewards of the grape requires us first to be stewards of the land. We are very proud of the vineyards we work with. Each has its own unique personality. All of our wines are sustainable, organic or biodynamic and crafted with a light hand.


Open for tasting Friday through Sunday, Noon til 6pm or by appointment.