a.k.a The Wine... A study in Refined Rebellion.

Straddling the line between art and science. We prefer using a minimalist approach to wine-making, we like to call it "State of the Art circa 1900 technology". We closely monitor the development of ripening grapes by using the very best tools for the job, our noses and palates, rather than relying on lab equipment.

After harvesting and sorting clusters by hand, fermentation goes along slowly and naturally in small open top fermenters. Punch downs of the fermenting grapes are done by hand many times a day. We gently press using a basket press.

The new wine is aged in primarily neutral French Oak to rest and mature allowing the flavors of the vineyard and vines to take center stage, rather than the inside of a toasted new barrel. The wines are gravity racked according to lunar cycles, until being sent to bottle unfiltered and unfined.